• As an investment promotion agency of the Perak State Government and consultant to businesses to grow in Perak.
    • As a one stop centre facilitating investors, providing information and assistance on matters relating to the investment.
    • To generate investment and encourage industrialization in Perak by facilitating the process of investment in the state.
    • To undertake any activity that promotes cooperation with other countries in line with the objectives of the State Government with respect to industries and their related services.
    • As a networking agency to facilitate communication between the government and investors and amongst investors.



  • To become a reliable, efficient and effective facilitator for investment solution in Perak and Malaysia.



  • Promoting investments in high value added manufacturing industries, new and emerging technologies and R&D.
  • Drives quality investments in manufacturing and service sectors into Perak that will contribute to the GDP growth of the state.
  • Develop favourable relationships between Perak State Government, investors, business chambers and other stakeholders.