Why Perak?

Strategic Location

Perak is situated in a geographically desirable area with easy access to Klang Valley and Penang, Malaysia’s two key economic hubs. Travel to Perak is fast and easy, with not only car and bus services along the North South Expressway (NSE), but rail options via the Electric Train Service (ETS) too. Perak is also slated to have a new highway – the West Coast Expressway – due to open for service in 2019, which will enhance connectivity significantly.

Excellent Infrastructure

Perak’s coastal presence has the benefit of allowing the state access to two major seaports – Penang Port and Port Klang. Perak also has two of its own seaports – Lumut Maritime Terminal and Lekir Bulk Terminal – which handle both dry and liquid bulk cargo.

The state also has an airport based in Ipoh the Sultan Azlan Shah Airport which supports both domestic flights and flights to Singapore on a daily basis.

Finally, the Ipoh Cargo Terminal is a key logistics hub, serving as the main inland port for import and export for industries within and around the Kinta Valley.

Abundant Natural Resources

Blessed with an abundance of natural resources, mainly non-metallic minerals, Perak is the country’s major producer of limestone products, tin, kaolin, clay and mica. Multinational companies (MNCs) in the minerals industry, such as Lafarge, Sibelco, Omya, YTL Cement and Hume Cement, have already established a presence, and Perak welcomes new investors to develop downstream industries from the natural resources available in the state.

International Presence

Perak has been home to many multinational companies over the years, with the state’s favourable business environment allowing them ease of operation and room to grow. Perak’s atmosphere is an ever-changing mixture of ageless local customs and culture, with a distinctly foreign presence brought by expatriates and their families as they settle in the state. Perak boasts various clubs and societies home-grown to promote the social integration of expats into local society, along with numerous restaurants that serve international cuisine and international schools that cater to foreign education needs around Perak.

Affordable Living

Perak offers all the amenities of modern-day living at a fraction of the Malaysian average price. Residents have access to modern healthcare facilities, mouth-watering cuisine, endless retail options and beautiful natural surroundings without the congested pollution found in more densely populated urban areas.